Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Trauma Surgeon and Lutheran Team Leader Mohan Kilaru

Eleventh post:

Dr. Mohan Kilaru is the team leader for Lutheran HealthCare's medical mission in Honduras. He's also a senior trauma surgeon in the hospital's level 1 trauma center so he's used to a hectic schedule.

This is is sixth trip to Honduras, a place perfectly suited to his skills since each day and year is different. In the OR Dr. Kilaru has performed a number of general surgeries like hernias and assisting the plastic surgeon with keloids and other disfigurements. During the clinic days, when patients are identified for surgery, Dr Kilaru can be found examining and discussing options with patients the team can't operate on. We may not be able to operate, but we can use our resources and contacts here to help them find an alternative means of support. Unfortunately, the main source of health care for most Telans is the medical brigade.

On Tuesday, Dr. Kilaru is checking on patients in the hospital's recovery area. Two young boys Ronnie and Rodin Caballero, both 2, had hernias repaired. They are now sitting comfortably and ready to go home. Dr. Kilaru provides their mom, Gina, with instructions. A relative who accompanied the boys and their mom is so surprised how smooth everything went.

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