Monday, April 28, 2008

Liquid Water

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I was just thinking about the persistent and chronic understatement of global anthropogenic climate change from those in a position to know, the inconvenient delay built into the exponential climate response, and all of our planet's positive feedback loops.

I'd been kind of assuming we could stick it out for millennia in HGWellsian underground caverns, but doesn't that kind of presuppose we'll have a planet with liquid water on the surface? For how long do you imagine we'll have liquid water?

Just a question. Don't get alarmed.


nephos said...

Er, I believe that boiling off the planet is hard. The amount of atmospheric liquid water is only a centimeter or so deep, which isn't much compared to the oceans. And barring Dr. Evil turning off the hydrological cycle, I think your Dr. Strangelove scenario is safe. So, you know, you can learn to stop worrying and love the warm.

Anonymous said...

can we share an underground cave?