Friday, April 04, 2008

Hydrogen Peroxide and Tang

via Schneier on Security:

There were also rambling references to bomb ingredients and how to mix them.

Jury members were shown pages from the diary in which Ali apparently wrote about disguising hydrogen peroxide ('HP') with food dye to make it look like Lucozade.

He wrote: "Lucozade red 1.5 drops", and "Check time taken to dilute in HP".

In an apparent reference to a detonator, Ali allegedly wrote in his diary: "Decide on which battery to use for D, small is best", and "Keys and chewing gum on the D in the electronic device."

If you'd like some information, read the story and Bruce Schneier's post. If you'd just like to get angry that you haven't been able to take bottled water or shampoo with you, or that you've lost hundreds of dollars in cologne at various checkpoints, or that our security resources have been squandered in another boneheaded fashion because would be terrorists with evil intent but no credible possibility of carrying out their attack had a stupid idea, now's a good time.

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