Saturday, April 05, 2008

Another Unexpected Consequence Of the BACMAE

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I was just talking to Manhattan to a friend about how nice the scarcity of single adult heterosexual men on the island was. Now, you know I resist talking about 'subprime,' because of its implication that extending credit to the poor is the root issue. I'm not so taken with 'credit crisis,' because it implies that if we just fixed the credit mechanism itself, we'd be okeh. 'Mortgage Meltdown' is good, but fails to imply anything about the existence of a property bubble or the pervasiveness of the problems. 'BACMAE' is a new acronym I'm testing for 'Bush Administration's Catastropic Mismanagement of the American Economy.' Let me know what you think. This'll let me double attribute by using "NEWCAG's BACMAE."
But, it's not simply that the other single heterosexual men don't exist, it's that they've been working 16 hour days destroying our economy. Now that their work is done and they're being laid off in droves, they're going to be all over the streets, in the clubs, parks and cafes. They may even show up in supermarkets. It'll be rough -- I didn't see this coming.

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