Monday, April 21, 2008

Each Case is Different

Third post from Michael Paras:

The day before the Lutheran team landed in Honduras, Julian Acosta, age 5, was playing outside and had gotten a stone lodged in his right ear. He was in great pain and his mom, Miriam, age 22, brought him to the hospital's emergency room. The hospital staff suggested she wait and see the volunteers the next day. This was an easy one for the group, and after a thorough flushing, the pebble was removed.

The team can't treat everyone though, as was the case with Mariana Casellanos, 41. Mariana who had sought help before from other doctors with little success was excited to see the team. She has been in severe pain and discomfort for years with some type of sinus issue. She was at her wits end but was sure the American health crew could solve her problems. After an exam by otolaryngologist Ramez Habib, M.D., the team knew they couldn't help. She had a polyp, too large for them to operate. Mariana was crushed, and so was the team.

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