Monday, April 07, 2008

Looking to the Youth for leadership in the Climate Crisis?

via Grist
Natasha Chart neatly digests a Xyleme Learning post:
The advantage of the young isn’t really that they’re less cynical or jaded. The well-meaning person who wrote the editorial I started off linking to isn’t even actually without hope, he thinks there’s some solution available. But when he looks at his peers, he sees their constraints and restrictions more than he sees their power. He looks at politicians, people who’ve become masters at popularity contests, and clearly understands that they’re unsuited to the task of upsetting all the people whose approval they’ve spent their whole adult lives seeking. He looks at younger people and sees, not really an attitude, but that they’ve got nothing to lose by bucking a system that hasn’t rewarded them yet.
When it comes to climate politics, delay is as deadly as denial. The vast mailing lists, media access, public respectability and political clout of the older generation can’t be allowed to sit on the shelf gathering dust as the ‘youth’ wait for these bequests to be passed on to them. They have to be mobilized now.
So, you know, slipping into middle age, it's nice to hear someone still feels I should play a role.

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