Monday, April 21, 2008

Lutheran HealthCare Becomes The Town's Family Doctor

Fourth post from Micheal Paras:
With an extremely poor economy and little or no access to health care services, we are in fact the "family doctor" for most Telans.

Like Dania Aguilar, age 11. She was seen by our team last year and says we are the only nurses and doctors she's ever seen. She has been given medication to deal with severe sinus pain last year, which helped, but her meds have run out and she's hoping the team can do more.

Oympia Savion, 65, lives in a town one hour east of Tela called Progresso. She's the legal guardian for Maria Eugenia, 12, who's profoundly deaf. After a number of tests and examinations, Maria's smile is as big as ever, but the doctor thinks the only thing that might help is a cochlear implant, a surgically implanted electronic device that provides a sense of sound to those who are severely hard of hearing.

Virginia Viera is 48 and sees no other health professional in Honduras. She saw on TV and a flyer on the bus that we would be back in town this April. She'll be seen by our ear nose and throat expert for some coughing and airway issues. She says she can't afford to see any other providers, but also admits, she trusts the American practitioners much more.

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Beth said...

This is just amazing! What incredible work you are doing.

I wonder if the babyface organization might help the little deaf girl. They specialize in artificial ears. They bring a small number of children here every year on a totally pro bono basis: