Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Some Behind the Scenes Teamwork

Eighth post:
It's really a team effort required to make each medical mission a success. From members of the New York Honduran Committee to the crew from Lutheran HealthCare to those already on the ground in Honduras, each plays an important role in getting things done.

There's Jean and Ruperto Hemmans, who as founding members of the New York Honduran Committee get things ready for the team each year. They are responsible for everything, from fundraising to all the nuts and bolts like coordinating travel and lodging.

Harold Burke, a trial lawyer from Connecticut has provided vital support registering the bulk of the patients, coordinating tracking efforts, and scheduling.

Jeannette Rivers and Edwardo Cameron (also president of the committee) serve as jacks of al trades helping anywhere and everywhere they are needed.

Rosa Garcia, who's in risk management at Lehman Brothers, is helping translate (she's fluent in Spanish), coordinating intake and general customer service.

Sasha Kurumety is only 12 but is playing a large role each day greeting patients, passing out toys and candy to waiting kids and providing support during exams and procedures.

Students Julio Ariel and Vanesa Benites, both 12, attend a bilingual English/Spanish school in Tela and are providing immeasurable support by translating for the team.

The group of volunteers from ATAN (Agrupacion Telena de Ayuda a Los Ninos) take care of much of the local Honduran work like coordinating with the hospital, arranging translators to most importantly, letting the community know we'll be in town.

Ann Robinson has been volunteering for the New York Honduran Committee since 2002. She helps the team with translation, registration and paper work.

Photographer Michael Paras is on his second trip to Honduras for the Lutheran HealthCare team. In tandem with Neal Gorman, VP of Public Relations at Lutheran, (who is on his fourth trip to Honduras) he helps to document and build awareness for the team and its cause.

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