Wednesday, April 23, 2008

They waste so much time with legislation

via TPMMuckRaker
You know that the president occasionally calls for Congress to get off of its duff and pass legislation that he wants, while we the American people say, "Dude, let them do some investigations. They only have so much time to impeach you." But, historically we have perceived Congress as a legislative body, empowered by the Constitution to make and pass laws.

There's apparently another view.
Mr. Diamond, for his part, said Mr. McCain had only done his job. “I think that is what Congress people are supposed to do for constituents,” he said. “When you have a big, significant businessman like myself, why wouldn’t you want to help move things along? What else would they do? They waste so much time with legislation.”
Interfering with the Judicial and Executive branches is why Congress is there. That's why Senators and Representatives and tied to states, so that they can peddle influence locally. I've got to say I don't think I ever thought of them as having this express purpose, but I can see the perspective.

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