Monday, April 21, 2008

Patient Snapshots

Second post from Michael Paras:

Lutheran's team of doctors and medical staff performed 162 examinations in Honduras the first day. Here are just a few patient snapshots. Elsa Romero, 77, experiencing periodic but serious painful ear aches. She heard about us on a little transistor radio she always keeps with her to catch up on the news. Odalia Flores, 30, and 4-month old son Avner and 7-year old daughter Claudia live in a nearby town called Colonia January 4th. They were here for Claudia, who had been experiencing serious stomach pains for the past 6 months.

Angeli Idalmir Arzu Palacios, 19, lives in a neighborhood in Tela called Barrio San Jose. She heard about the medical team and hoped someone could remove a mole from her daughter's chest. Although it's probably not too serious, young Shelsea Diana Arzu, 2, is traumatized by the whole experience so far. Iladia Figueroa, 76, Martina Diego Guzman, 63, and Simona Diego Mejia, 66, visited the clinic together. The trio of best friends all had eye problems, high blood pressure and a variety of hearing related issues.

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