Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Lillian Chavez and Plastic Surgeon Ahmad Nawaz

Ninth post:
Like any other year, patients come to the medical brigade's clinic seeking all kinds of medial relief. Some are suffering life-threatening illnesses and diseases, some are dealing with major and minor quality of life issues.

Dr. Ahmad Nawaz, a plastic surgeon at Lutheran Medical Center, has already operated on 20 patients with a variety of issues. He has seven cases already scheduled for today. Many are congenital lesions and disfigurements, cysts, moles, kiloids and burn scars. A serious car accident left one 12-year-old boy unable to move his right hand.

Others, like Lillian Chavez, 12, had a large cyst on her forehead. She and her mom, also named Lillian, traveled from a nearby neighborhood called Barrio Retirro where she is tormented by her schoolmates every day. For this young girl, the cyst was not threatening to her physical health but its removal has made a huge difference in her emotional health. The first thing
she said was how the other kids at school and in her neighborhood won't tease her anymore.

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