Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A Surgery Scrub Tech and Two Physician Assistants

Tenth post:

Experience a Whole New World in Honduras Donald Gibbs is a surgery scrub tech at Lutheran who travels on many missions abroad. This is his second with the Lutheran Honduran team. The operating room isn't as fully supplied like back in the states so Donald does a lot of improvising here.

Sue Farrell is a physician assistant in her day job back at Lutheran but here she's performing a number of different duties. This is her third mission with the crew. She can be found each day assisting and circulating in surgery and providing pre- and post-op.

Victoria Stoyanovsky is also a physician assistant at Lutheran. She spends most of her time helping during minor and major operating room procedures. From scrubbing in on a serious hernia surgery to making rounds after, she's a vital part of the medical team.


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Linda said...

Great job Lutheran staff