Thursday, April 03, 2008

Month Dropdowns

There's no link. I'm just getting whiny about web forms again.
I'm a big keystroke user, specifically when I fill in web forms. I always tab from field to field, and expect to be able to complete drop downs by typing in the first character repetitively until I get where I want to be. Often, I'm filling in my date of birth - six strokes of the '2' gets me to '25.'
So why on God's green Earth would somebody prepend '0' to all the month indices before October? You get to a month dropdown, you know it's a month dropdown because it's so labeled, but you don't know if they're numeric, textual or some third inexplicable design choice beyond the scope of this post. You would think that you'd get to April by either typing an 'A' or a '4'; neither works, forcing you to retrieve your mouse pointer from whatever far corner of the screen its enjoying and actually drop the drop down down! And it's because some joker decided to prepend a zero!
I feel like I'm being forced to confront something I can't hope to control when I'm forced to use a mouse. It's really unpleasant. I hope the typographic symmetry was worth it. Asshole.
OK. Back to filling out my marathon application.
Update: Isn't it bad enough that all the years in a millenium start with the same digit?