Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Obfuscation by Email Subject Length

More on the Federal Reserve Email List. If you're the sort of person who subscribes to the Fed's email list, you might care to comment on the Bank of America's acquisition of Countrywide Financial. To all appearances, it was driven entirely by the need to conceal the (lack of) value of Countrywide's assets, as there were many banks (including B0A) with assets of the same sort. And Countrywide has been engaging in questionable business practices that might concern you if you don't want BoA to fail.

But, of those people, how many even have mailers capable of rendering the subject line "Federal Reserve extends deadline for the submission of requests to testify at public meetings on the notice by Bank of America to acquire Countrywide Financial?" Don't you think there's some way to structure than sentence which moves the nut a little to the left? Like, say, "Bank of America's Countrywide Financial acquisition public meeting testimony requests submission deadline extended." Well, OK, that's opaque. But, you see my point.

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