Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Just 16 more $250 McKinney donations in New York State needed!

To qualify for matching funds, that is. As of a month ago. From the official campaign site:
Our appreciation to the following states who's residents have already given $5,000 or more in qualifying contributions toward our efforts to qualify for Federal Matching Funds: California, Illinois and Oregon; as well as the following states which are on their way towards that goal: Florida ($1.2k), Michigan ($1.2k), Minnesota ($2.5k), New York ($1.2k), Oklahoma ($1k), Texas ($3.5k), Washington ($2.5k) and Wisconsin ($1.6k). Please make sure your state helps qualify us to double the first $250 of every individual contribution! (Figures current through January 31st, 2008)
Do you notice how we're eighth? So donate. If you're in California, Illinois or Oregon, you'll no longer double your money. But, at least you'll be contributing.

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