Thursday, March 27, 2008

Foreclosure Standoffs Have Begun

via Housing Bubble Blog:
Yesterday, [Joseph] Vignolo, 53, protested as a brief auction was held at the property. During the brief event, the home was sold back to the bank, according to an auctioneer from Daniel J. Flynn & Co. of Quincy, Mass. The property has an assessed value of $319,900, according to property records.... Vignolo remained at the property after the auction. He said he'll stay put until he's forced out, but he won't resort to violence.
Vignolo said he could've made a deal and walked away with money, but he decided to make a statement instead.
If his home couldn't sell out at a foreclosure auction, how much money could he have walked away with? But, in any case, I feel a folk song coming on. What rhymes with Vignolo?
In 30 years I said I'd pay
off 33 Gervaise
But 20 in I did get lay
'd off and I lost the place
Ah... we'll work on this later.

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