Wednesday, March 12, 2008 asked me to write Governor Spitzer a note

So I did.
Governor Spitzer,
I know that you're ashamed by your conduct. From what I've read in the news, that's reasonable. And I assume that you're ashamed by your hypocrisy. Your history of closing down prostitution rings and passing anti-sex-trade laws is legendary. But, in order to stay effective as our Governor -- and who would replace you? -- you have to cut yourself some slack.
I wish that our whole political class was populated by people with the drive, commitment and wherewithal to pursue financial criminals. I would like to let you crawl away from your office in shame and sorrow. But, I can not. Your political career is important to America, it is important to New York, and it is important to me.
I do not believe that there is anyone who wants you to resign now that did not want you to resign three days ago. You have many powerful and loud enemies, but you made them for the right reasons. I am asking you to stay in office and to live with this public shame for the greater good.
I know that at this point it seems like I'll write anything anyone asks me. And that's more or less true. I'm like an internet startup. I hope they'll eventually send money.

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