Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Jim Hansen -- The Earth may be headed into an ice age

via Gristmill:
The reason to show these [plots of "monthly fluctuations of global or near-global temperature, as well as the trend over recent decades"] is to expose the recent nonsense that has appeared in the blogosphere, to the effect that recent cooling has wiped out global warming of the past century, and the Earth may be headed into an ice age. On the contrary, these misleaders have foolishly (or devilishly) fixated on a natural fluctuation that will soon disappear.
I'm just playing with selective quoting, obviously. He does throw a little preview in at the end...
We are going to have to figure out a way to keep climate zones pretty much where they are now (winters will continue to happen, as always). It is possible that we can still do that – just barely. But I digress – that will be in our next paper, almost finished.
Oh, I'm all excited. I'll try to follow up with that.

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