Wednesday, March 19, 2008

New Competition for Stupidest Idea Ever

You thought we'd already found it. I really think these devices are ways to avoid the inheritance tax -- come up with a dumb idea, have your parents fund it, and pay yourself out of it. They take a loss, you get a salary, less money goes to the government. And you look like you have a job. Well, here it is:
Brring! is a new service that lets you earn money every time someone calls you. First, we hook you up with a free phone number that rings through to your normal phone. When your friends call your new Brring! number they'll hear a short, 10 second ad. For each ad played, you earn up to $1!
Does anybody see the problem?

1 comment:

Brad said...

Shyeah. Suddenly, you'd have WAY too many friends calling you all the time to hear that ad, so you'd have to turn the ringer off.