Friday, March 07, 2008

The Wolves! They're gone!

As I'm writing a screenplay about a climate change disaster, I thought I should watch "The Day After Tomorrow". I'm about halfway through. That's a great line. I wonder if we'll see those timber wolves again?

Update: Prep school girl is separated from her friends. She hears a cop yell to a family trapped inside a taxicab, "I don't speak French!" Da da dahh! Prep school girl to the rescue!

Plus Update: Parts of Florida that aren't flooded?

Double Plus Update: Are there teenage boys that kiss like that? I'm not looking for one! I just wonder.

Plus Double Plus Update: Presidents say 'I was wrong?' What is this, science fiction?

Double Plus Double Plus Update:
Space Station Guy 1: Look at that!
Space Station Guy 2: What?
Frankly? From SSG2's tone of voice, SSG1 had been saying "Look at that" kind of a lot, recently.

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