Monday, March 31, 2008

New Al Gore Video (voiced by William H. Macy!)

We didn't wait for someone else to storm the beaches at Normandy
We didn't wait for someone else to guarantee civil rights
Or put a man on the moon
And we can't wait for someone else to solve the global climate crisis. We need to act, and we need to act now.
Join us. Together we can solve the climate crisis. Take one minute. Go to, and make your voice heard today.
Would it be overly critical to point out that while we went ahead and stormed the beach at Normandy, it was after waiting perhaps longer than it took to see that the Europeans couldn't take out their own trash (Oh, yes I did, you Nazi sympathizers!)? And we really took our sweet time guaranteeing those civil rights. For someone else to do it really would have meant invading and occupying our country. I don't think we can claim any points for celerity there.

Frankly? Putting a man on the moon was maybe not the best use of resources, and we did it quickly to keep the Soviets from beating us. It would have happened if we didn't do it. I'm proud of the moon landing -- the first manned mission to the moon, while not a landing, launched in my birth year, which is one of the reasons I'm better than you. However, since President Bush is hung up on this moronic-hypermuscular-shadow-of-his-betters persona, it did indirectly create the "manned mission to Mars," a disastrous boondoggle. We didn't wait for someone else to put a man on the moon, but if someone else were breathing down our necks with a solution to the climate crisis, that'd be swell.

So, I reject all the analogies, but I suspect they're a good-hearted attempt by liberals to enroll mouth-breathers in the service of humanity. Cynical, but praiseworthy. So, you go, Al.

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