Monday, March 31, 2008

Some Consolation

Have you ever been kind of interested in maybe dating a particular girl? And have that girl scoff at the idea? Did she do it in public? Well, she almost certainly didn't do it in the New York Times Magazine.
But Fredell did not laugh. “No!” she erupted, and with increasing volume, “No! No! No! I can’t emphasize enough that there is nothing between me and Leo! It’s just that we’re not compatible in that regard.”
Now, Janie Fredell can't be blamed for her dismissal of her paramour's arena. It's the reporter - whose name is best forgotten -- who is being the jerk here. But, what a jerk! This is one more thing that I'm very pleased has never happened to me.

Update: That's a pretty poorly written prepositional phrase, "for her dismissal of her paramour's arena." Ah... "for the arena in which she dismissed her paramour's [attentions.]" Something.

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