Sunday, March 09, 2008

Leaping to the Administration's Defense

In his sermon today, an associate pastor mentioned that many evangelical churches were opposing the administration, with initiatives against The War, human trafficking and torture.

I really do believe that the Bush Administration is not engaged in human trafficking. I'm just saying. Yes, they torture and embroil us in wars of choice. But, everything I've heard from them on slavery-related issues has been more or less consistent with 21st Century American Christian churches, who maintain that slavery's bad and human trafficking is wrong.

I bring this up to support my thesis that I'm fair minded. I don't attack these people all the time out of some arbitrarily selected bias against them. I attack these people because they're wrong. Although not supportive, again, of human trafficking. As far as I know.


nephos said...

Well, to mention people who have been referred to as, as far as I know, you know, being Muslim, perhaps we engage in trafficking humans by proxy? (interesting, my spell checker objects to traffick but not trafficking). I'm just thinking that slavery has got to exist in some, say, North African/Saudi Penninsula country that our government supports for strategic/energy reasons.

But barring that, it would clearly be just another outlandish insinuation that your defense of the Bush Administration is a sign of incipient republicanism.

Rionn Fears Malechem said...

I'd believe that we block sanctions called for by anti-trafficking protocols because they're inconvenient for the President's friends, but that's a different sort of offense than extraordinary rendition to take advantage of their willingness to torture.