Sunday, September 16, 2007

What they will do is stagger along until there's a major incident and then suddenly say, 'Oh, my God, shouldn't we be organized to deal with this?'

I'm going to stick for a minute with these 64 % of Americans who don't believe that Bush 43 should be impeached, as they are holding their own country's head in a toilet and giving it swirlies. Even if you accept what we've just learned, which is that conservatives are 'persistent in judgment', and what we already knew, that conservatives couldn't handle integrative complexity.

It's really hard to believe supporters of the occupation are being honest. Even when there were many more of them, they never seemed to be arguing in good faith. When Jerry Bremer gave the pre-9/11 title quote about the Administration's failure to take terrorism seriously as a threat or Richard Bruce Cheney said occupying Iraq was going to be a quagmire not worth very many dead Americans, it wasn't out of context, or a compromise statement, or unintentional overspeaking, which is what you see when you dig into Bush League apologists' attempts to rewrite the 90s.

Really, to respond to George Miller's defense of the Democratic leadership's failure to pursue impeachment, what they need to be doing is getting the GOP representatives to say, one by one, "Good governance is more important to the country than a permanent Republican majority. I have reviewed these deceits and crimes, and believe they pass the constitutional test for impeachment." I know that sounds hard, but they're supposed to be able to do hard things, and this is essentially what the GOP did when impeaching Clinton. It's as if they, themselves, have no conception of their own ability to enroll opposing legislators, possibly because of the systemic bad faith suspicions outlined above.

Specter, Hagel, even Norm Coleman were among 7 sentors who switched sides to vote for no confidence in Alberto Gonzales back in June. So, there's proven flexibity among legislators in the President's party, which I don't get the sense that Pelosi and Reid are taking advantage of. I know a lot of this kind of activity has to go on behind the scenes, but I'd like to see more evidence of it.

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