Thursday, September 20, 2007

The Old Adventures of God Man

So, seriously? Ruben Bolling lets me see the new covenant in a way I'd never tried before. In the Old Testament, we were in service to God. He exists, we worship him, and He gives us helpful things like laws to live by. If we forget to worship Him consistently, He'll destroy our cities. If we fail to snap to when He delivers instruction, He'll have us swallowed by Leviathan. If we falter in a second hand command, He'll turn us into pillars of salt. There is a God, and you do what He says or He will make of you an illustrative case. Job is the great exemplar of piety -- keep believing, keep worshiping, it won't necessarily do anything for you.

But, the New Testament, the transformational power of a personal relationship wiith Jesus Christ, the stress on the Golden Rule, the 'he whoever believes in me' and 'whenever two or more are gathered in my name' are deals God is striking with you*. Now, some people read the concept of an afterlife into the Bible, and you're getting all this other stuff, so why not? So, the New Testament lays out a lot of advantages to believing in God, whereas the Old Testament you just had a structure of reality.

Maybe it was increased competition?

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