Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I'm just thinking out loud here

But, there are 423-thousand-odd K-6 students in New York. So, let's call that 60,000 Fourth Graders. And, if we give each one of them an XO Laptop, and send another overseas, that would probably have all sorts of wonderful effects.

It'd cost $24M. Which is a big bake sale, but a small chunk of the $16.8B the New York Schools consume. Of course, everything is. We could fight for almost three weeks in Iraq with the amount of money we waste on educating children in this city.

Maybe just one really wealthy guy. Anybody got twenty-five million dollars? You have until November 26th to pony it up.

update: What are the odds that the Gates Foundation will pay for Linux laptops? It's got Warren Buffett and Carlos Slim's money tied up.

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