Thursday, September 20, 2007

Remington Steele and Two Supermen

I saw Pierce Brosnan in Skiathos. He loaded two young boys, who I assume were his children, into a taxi just across the sidewalk from our boat. Nobody pointed out that he looked just like me. Well, 61 % like me. Which is why we have computers.

In order to compass the controversy I wrote about last night, I had to look through some old blog posts. And this one caught my eye, so I wondered, what would a 4 1/2 year old picture of me look like now? Pierce Brosnan was the answer, followed by Tom Welling and Christopher Reeve.

I know that my overwhelming charisma makes you suspect that you think I'm more handsome than I really am. But, no, I'm 54 - 55 % Man of Steel.

This is what DC Comics' heroes look like these days, however.

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