Saturday, September 08, 2007

More on X. Bill Proenza

When we last left our hero, X. Bill Proenza was being cast by the media as a victim of political retribution by the Bush Administration. You'll recall we were initially confused as to what was up, as his staff seemed not to like him even though he looked like a reasonable choice for the position doing a credible job. He seemed to remind one of the scene in Hope and Glory when the family returns from holiday to London during the blitz, and finds their house had burned. But, it hadn't been a rocket, just a fire. The fireman said, "Even in wartime, they happen."

So, by analogy, it seemed like politically inept bosses with inadequate management skills could be put in position without undue political interference in an atmosphere of pervasive politicization of federal offices, just like houses can burn down without being hit by rockets in wartime.

Dr. Proenza is officially out as of September 6th. His replacement, former deputy director Ed Rappaport, who was in turn replaced by Bill Read, a NWS chief from Texas. While Texas sources an unusual number of slime-ridden appointees, a NWS chief superficially seems like a reasonable choice.

So, the leadership of the NHC -- which, as we've seen again and again this year, is a pretty vital federal agency -- seems more of less competent. Let's see if
  1. Rappaport makes any noises about budget cuts
  2. Proenza's claim of whistle blower status goes anywhere.

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