Thursday, September 20, 2007

Genes speak louder

'Rionn' is a Welsh, or really Gaelic name. 'Fears' is Irish, and I'm about a quarter Scott Irish. As far as 'Malechem' goes, go ahead and Google it. I'm the first nine hits. It's not a super popular name. I know it sounds vaguely semitic, but if I had to guess I would say it's a vowelized spelling of Mlgm, which is again Gaelic, as far as I know.

I'm really only a quarter Welsh. But, when I went to Wales on Saturday, the girls were incredibly cute; not the World Cup Groupies, but the girls working in the shops, museums and restaurants. I've been to places renowned for cute girls before -- Tokyo, Bali, Somali neighborhoods of Nairobi, Santiago, Providence, Prague -- but I think I'm genetically programmed to like Welsh girls.

update [Mom chimes in]:Based on Grandparents surnames, you are 2/8 Welsh (Jones ), 3/8
English, Hosford, Taylor, Bardwell) and 3/8 Scotch-Irish (Malechem,
Kinney, Millin). Love, Mom

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nephos said...

So, indeed, I googled malechem, and the number one hit is for malechem, but with the subtext:

"As far as 'Malechem' goes, go ahead and Google it. I'm the first nine hits."

Hofstader would no doubt be pleased.