Thursday, September 27, 2007

Hillary's enemies turn up the heat

Al Gore is not stepping in to take the Democratic nomination. I think realization of that is seeping in. Obama has reportedly been seeming deflated, Edwards has for some reason been ignored by the media and Richardson, who seems to be large, square-headed and male -- presidential -- is apparently too poorly connected to rate a mention in most headlines about polls. The other Democratic candidates seem too willing to confront the root iniquities that make this country what it is to seem credible.

Hillary's taking the nomination, and the Democrat is taking the White House. She's a juggernaut. Can no one stop her?

One person can. One person can step in to the race in December or even February, take the nomination and win the 2008 presidential election. And the levers of power are being worked to see that this happens.

President Pelosi is taking the stage. We're heard a lot of folderol from the Democratic Congress about why they're not pursuing impeachment. The Army's broken, the justice department is in disarray, we have a humiliating failure to address climate change, armed bands are wreaking havoc in our protectorates with and without our sponsorship, the dollar is evaporating, the chicanery underlying our economic expansion is collapsing and this is all due to the fact that Bush 43 has the presidency. Every moment that man gets to call his shuttle Marine One, further disasters befall us. If the Constitutional Congress had foreseen Congress' inaction in this case, they wouldn't have bothered to mention impeachment at all. The Democrats can't do it, though, because they're beholden to the Clintons and the Democratic Leadership Committee ne'er-do-wells, and they don't want to threaten the former first lady's ascension.

Since the Downing Street Memo has apparently been forgotten, a Spanish version was released a few days ago. Here's the press gaggle:

Q If I can change topics, there's a -- about the history of the Iraq war here. There's a transcript in the Spanish newspaper, El PaĆ­s, that was said to be from a meeting between the President and the Spanish Prime Minister back in February 2003, in which, according to the tapes of this transcript of the conversations, Saddam Hussein offered to step down and go into exile one month before the invasion, and the President seemed to think that that was a realistic possibility at that time. Do you believe that this is an accurate transcript?

MS. PERINO: ...[I]f you think back to that time, there were a lot of rumors. There were a lot of people floating ideas around about what may or may not happen.

I was tempted to ellipsate 'If I can change topics,' but I suspect it might become famous as a phrase. That's the exchange. "Can you confirm the validity of this transcript?" "There were a lot of rumors floating around." The headline might read "White House Lets Stand Transcript of President Opting for Occupation of Iraq." The transcript goes on to mention the White House at the time was reassuring Americans that we were still hoping for a peaceful outcome.

Not impeaching Dubya is becoming less and less tenable for this Congress. Congressmen who oppose it are being scandalized and imprisoned. If Hillary doesn't cave to some secret interest's demands and soon, Nancy Pelosi will win this election and probably the next one. She may be President when the constitution is suspended as part of our response to climate change, so it may well be permanent.

We'll have to see.

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