Friday, September 14, 2007

I'm still waiting to Ask George

You'll recall that I'd been doing smashingly well in the Community Counts polling to get Representative George Miller to answer my questions. But, I've been holding at Number Three for a while. Actually, I'm doing better than that, as I expect (given his answers to date) that Representative Miller will dismiss numbers 1 and 2 pretty perfunctorily.

I guess there's a Summer vacation? His office hasn't released any videos for a month.

His last video addressed the impeachment question. Clearly, the constitution offers impeachment for just this sort of situation, but we're not doing it, in some strategy that makes sense to the Democratic senators and most of the Congressmen, but not to Americans. Impeachment had 36 % support in a USA Today/Gallup poll in July, when the president was almost three months less disastrous. Since somewhat less that 36 % of Americans have any idea what's going on, that's essentially everyone. So, when the last AskGeorge video said, "We don't think impeachment's doable," it sort of set expectations for the answers to the first two questions:
1. Why don't we let Iraqis themselves throw us out with a referendum? [projected answer: They're an occupied people, and they don't set policy any more than Americans do.]
2. Please let the administration know that you're not going to give them any more money for the Iraq war. [projected answer: The reason we funded the occupation last time had nothing to do with the fact that suddenly withdrawing financial support was less tenable than not-suddenly withdrawing financial support. That was just something the Democratic leadership said. You have to learn to take those things with a grain of salt.]

So, he may as well just skip to me.

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