Friday, September 26, 2008

Unfortunate for Sarah Palin

I was just watching Jack Cafferty at CNN frame a Sarah Palin answer to a Katie Couric question. The question was, "couldn't $700 Billions dollars be spent better," and the answer was "shore up our economy." I think. Watch it and try to paraphrase it yourself.

Now, I know this got a lot of play when Palin was first selected. But, it seems more relevant every time she does an interview.

It it weren't for Miss Teen South Carolina 2007, we wouldn't have an easy metaphor for the Alaska Governor.


mark said...


Palin changes everything, donit?? I've always liked McCain, but this... I mean, why couldn't he have chosen Michael Palin? (Oh, yeah....!) I like Obama, too.... but really. Where's Ron Paul when you need him? (Oh, yeah....!) Kudos for the Miss Teen video, though I'm not quite sure of the connection that exists in your devious little mind. You did mean to say that Miss Tenn Bleached Blondie gave the better answer, right??

Anonymous said...

The panicky, slapdash sentence structure "because our, our next-door neighbors are foreign countries, there in the state that I am the executive of" makes the comparison irresistable, once that Palin was some sort of beauty contestant brings it to mind.

Anonymous said...

And, when you say you "always" liked McCain, are you including February of 1991? Or where you living in some canyon somewhere during the S&L Crisis?