Monday, September 29, 2008

Trouble Getting Off

If you are in the last five cars you will not be getting off at South Ferry.

This pisses me off. I'm frequently on trains that have instructions like this -- the last two cars don't open at such-and-so or what-have-you. So, the natural follow-up question is, "What car am I in?" Have you been in a train in the US that you knew which car you were in? How about from the other end? All you can do is sort of hope it works out.

"The last five cars" is particularly egregious. You'd probably know if you were in the last car, as you would note a lack of following car. You might even have noticed you were in the second-to-last car when you got on. But, the fifth to last car? And the workers blame you.
Shoulda listened to directions.

Now, this is true in any system that serves the public but hides necessary information. They always have a lot of upset people, but the workers can't fix the information flow and don't want to feel they're participating in an unfair system, so they blame the user. It's human nature."Shoud've know you can only get down from the roof before dark!"

But, the fact that we put up with the crappy MTA information flows blows my mind. Where's the famous New York demand to be adequately served?

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