Saturday, September 20, 2008

'Tent cities' of homeless on the rise across the US

Sent in by a reader...
"The economy is in chaos, we're in an unofficial recession and Americans are worried, from the homeless to the middle class, about their future," [Michael Stoops, acting executive director of the Washington DC-based National Coalition for the Homeless said.]

Homeless groups and government agencies from Seattle, in Washington state, to Athens in Georgia, report the most visible increase in homeless encampments in a generation.

"What you're seeing is encampments that I haven't seen since the '80s," said Paul Boden, executive director of the Western Regional Advocacy Project, an umbrella group of homeless groups in west coast cities.


nephos said...


So, over the past century, we have managed nucleation of an extra 5 and a half billion people on the backs of massive discoveries of the chemical potential in oil supplies.

Now the oil is going away, whither the people? The official system can no longer sustain them, which I guess leaves tent cities. Perhaps it's just deregulation, but this had to have been coming.

mark said...

speaking as a guy whose resided in a couple of tent cities..... it could be worse.