Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Carfree Communities: One more thing it's easy to forget about in New York

I have a Google Alert on my name, and it often dredges up old stuff. So, I was looking at some old bulletin board postings of mine and came upon the list of communities by how non-car-dependent they were. As far as car free households in the US, only eight communities top 50 %. Hooper Bay City, Alaska tops the list at 95.67 % (it does have roads), but it only has 1000 people. New York City is Fifth -- Second, Third and Fourth are nearby Hasidic communities. For some reason, Atlantic City squeaks by at 50.28 %, but New York City is the only other community with more than 40,000 people of which more than half the households don't have cars.

And, not to go out on a limb here, but I suspect the cars are overwhelmingly in the boros. So, I really live in a community with fewer cars than the norm. Not that I have anything to say about it, I'm just trying to keep it in mind.

If we just look at cities with populations over a quarter million, Seattle's 25th. This might not sound so bad, but LA's 24th. Compared to Boston (8th -- America's Walking City) and Manhattan, it was much tougher to get by without a car in Seattle.

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