Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Like Being President, But With Less Travel

Bloomberg's going to blow through the term limits and be mayor again. This is good news, as I don't imagine his successor would be competent to understand our economic situation, much less navigate through it.

I'm not in general a fan of handing power to the wealthiest possible person and letting him or her do as they want, but it really seems to have worked out for us so far. And this explains Bloomberg's ultimate disinterest in being President. Mayor of New York just seems to be a better job.


nephos said...

Just a vague incoherent thought. But is it possible that society tends to respond to difficult times by being increasingly amenable to fascist leadership? Might there be a long term strategic advantage to increasing centralization?

You see it Bloomberg, we also see it in people and legislators coming round to the need for that "slippery slope to socialism" in the government "bailout". And of course there's Dick Cheney.

Not being good on my history, did Rome exhibit a similar trajectory to dictatorship during its decline?

Rionn Fears Malechem said...

I don't really know about Rome and strong men. Really, most of what I know about Rome comes from the play Julius Ceasar, from when it was still strong, and rumors still knocking about in Wales.

But, clearly President Bush manufactured crises in order to get the ability to engineer a real one. He explicitly wanted to be known as a wartime president.