Thursday, September 04, 2008

One More Enemy Going

So, I used to subscribe to the New York Sun. They'd bring it by my apartment every morning. They'd also leave copies at all of my neighbors doors, a fact which did not amuse them. I canceled my subscription, and the papers stopped.

I moved.

I subscribed to the Wall Street Journal.

The Wall Street Journal comes faithfully to my stoop every day. But, so do three copies of the Sun. The Journal and the Sun both refuse to do anything about this. My only option has been to call the Sun three times, misrepresent myself as the mythical addressee on the paper, and ask that the subscription be stopped. I haven't done it, because I think members of Hewlett Packard's board went to jail for something similar.

But, now, the drama is coming to a close. The Good Lord, as he always will, is smiting my enemy.
The New York Sun will shut down at the end of September unless it can find new investors to pump millions of dollars into it, the newspaper announced on Wednesday.
Shouldn't have screwed with me. Just saying.

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