Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Movie Musicals

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I saw the Met Opera Opening Gala in HD on Monday. The wandering correspondents were all opera singers, divas, as they were female headliners. One of them came upon a fellow who was slumming it on Broadway, getting washed out of somebody's hair. He shared with his interlocutor that he was doing eight shows a week generally, and nine shows that week, as there was some charity event.

She and the next lady were a little bemused by the idea of doing that many shows. They found it a little difficult to compass. And it underscores how singable musical theater is compared to opera. And, it's easy to sing because you have to do it all the time.

But, movie musicals don't have that restriction. I'm suggesting that you can have both complex scenes with multiple locations and interesting music in a movie musical, given its special advantages. Of course, some one would want to stage it, and you couldn't have, say, Rick Moranis in a starring role.

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