Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Zacarias and the WMD

I'm sorry, but a plane qualifying as a weapon of mass destruction? WMD was always a weasel word intended to create a false equivalence between chlorine gas and a nuclear bomb. Well, maybe not always. But, certainly since President Bush started using it. But, even the great non-speller-outer himself spells them out as nuclear, radiological, biological and chemical weapons. I just want to be clear that an airplane is none of those things.

Take your time. Compare an airplane to each of the weapon types on the list. I'll wait.

Now, I'm not a defender of Mr. Moussaoui. But, his trial always has had an air of showiness, the desperation of a government trying to illustrate that it is not entirely powerless in the face of terrorist attacks. I have to say, I haven't followed it closely enough to even know what it is he was supposed to have done wrong, although Al Qaeda seems to disavow him. But, this sham governance doesn't work well for us.

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