Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Consumers Union asks you to help stop cell phone record sales

You'll recall that T-Mobile and Cingular sell your phone records. Apparently, someone feels there should be a law against this. Is it excessive regulation? What kind of privacy are you guaranteed? Anyway, I stick with Verizon because they're not an offendor, but I recognize the limits of personal choice -- if Verizon went over to the dark side, that would simply not be an option. And maybe requests for my phone records should go through me.

So, I'm a little torn. I think it's bad that cell phone companies sell people's phone records, but we currently have the option of switching to a phone company that doesn't. While actually selling the records is totally unjustifiable, so was voting for Bush, and we didn't make that illegal.

I think the main argument here is that the phone companies themselves don't tell you they do this. If it weren't for these activists, we wouldn't know that this was a differentiator between the services. And, we can't trust the companies to behave well in the future. So, I'm signing the petition.

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