Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Stuart Bowen is still plugging away

Another great story from the Iraq Occupation is that of Stuart Bowen. Politically connected Bush appointee sent to 'oversee' the moneyfest, he dropped the quotes and went about his job unironically. I can barely believe this guy exists. I want to take some care not to mythologize him, and I'm sure he has his flaws, but you go, man.
Administration officials provided a November 2005 draft of the SIGIR [Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction, Mr. Bowen's office] management report to The Times, with numerous paragraphs circled by Pentagon officials to indicate they believed the assertions were inaccurate. For example, one section quoted "some reports" that said the now-disbanded Coalition Provisional Authority filled jobs with "a disproportionate number of ideologically motivated but inexperienced young people."
This guy's awesome.

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