Monday, April 17, 2006

Tracking Map Released for Hurricane Season 2005

And, I'll point out that hurricane season has yet to start here, making it no more than two months early. I updated my CPR and First Aid today just to be ready for deployment, though.
Oh, and Happy Easter. I slipped in to Tenebrae late on Friday and had to duck out of service early this morning to get to the Red Cross, so I'm hoping that if salvation's scored on points, we get partial credit when we don't attend a whole service.
Oh, and I had a little personal success today. I beat Frederick Law Olmstead with a stick! Which is to say, I crossed Central Park on foot and ended up essentially where I wanted to be. Actually, exactly where I wanted to be. I'm not sure if I've ever ended up on the correct edge of the thing before, so this is a huge win.
It does seem like the property developers are struggling against Olmstead, building ever higher buildings to help the hapless navigate across the park (and fasten their souls to the soul crushing architecture.) But, on a leafy day, Central Park's designer is still holding his own.

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