Monday, April 03, 2006

Somewhere Somebody

There was this song popular on the radio in Seattle in the 90s, which pops up in my head pretty frequently ... 'there must be a million girls in this big, big city; I know that one of them is just right for me.' I became convinced that it was performed by Seal, so it in turn became very difficult to find. I looked it up for the second time today -- it's by Andrew Kastner, Larry McNally and Max Gronenthal, and has been performed by Tease, Jack Mack and the Heart Attack, Aaron Neville and somebody named Jennifer Warnes. I think the Jack Mack version is the one I heard. Again and again. It seriously got a lot of play for a tune noone else seems to recognize.
So, we should never lose track of this track again. I ordered it on CD today, so it'll go right in the permanent collection.

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