Sunday, April 23, 2006

Jack Meyer slips away from Harvard

So, one of the many great enablers of George W. Bush's career is Harvard Management, the business that invests half of Harvard's endowment, some of it in dubious schemes hatched by politically connected alumni.
Maybe this is why Harvard can avoid ROTC.
In more crack reporting from the New York Sun, I learned that not only is Jack Meyer -- Harvard Management -- moving to another firm, but he's taking 30 of his coworkers with him, essentially gutting the place. Mr. Meyer has been CEO for CEO, since roughly the formation of the Harken Anadarko Partnership, formed to keep Harvard's stakeholders in the 'darko' about this huge money losing investment.
So, in with the firings of Andrew Card and Donald Rumsfeld (pending,) other Bush allies are scurrying under dark rocks.
Let's not lose track of them.


Anonymous said...

Jack Meyer left Harvard last October. How is this news now?

Rionn Fears Malechem said...

Largely because I heard of it now.