Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Bunnatine Greenhouse and Sojouner Truth

So, you know that I consider Bunnatine Greenhouse one of the great heroes of the Iraq Occupation. She's the woman who was canned by the Army Corps of Engineers for daring to stand up to Halliburton.

Mildred Mallard, owner of ABC Boutique in Battle Creek presented Greenhouse with a collectible statue of Sojourner Truth.

"We are so proud that you shared your story with us. You remind of us so much of Sojourner," Mallard said. "She said speak the truth and we want you to continue to speak your truth."

I find that a pretty interesting comparison. Sojourner Truth is to enslaved women as Bunnatine Greenhouse is to Americans forced to grant huge amounts of money to access capitalists as part of a war of Choice in which they are murdered.

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