Friday, July 18, 2008


Now, I'm a returned Peace Corps volunteer. And one of the things that separates us as a class of people is that we're perfectly willing to talk about feces, specifically our own stool samples. It's a subject that comes up a lot over two years of tropical illnesses and strange foods, and after a while it's hard to recover the shame.

My own father developed sewage treatment devices, and I did some graduate work in supervisory control systems for municipal water systems at MIT. I am aware of the enormous waste water system that surrounds me, and I think it's a good thing (not a good a thing as weather prediction, but a pretty good thing.)

So, this idea that a waste water plant be renamed for George W. Bush, in order to remind us how shameful his administration was in perpetuity, makes me furious. I'm really angry. We're going to grow increasingly aware of our various public services as our standard of living declines, and we shouldn't be giving waste water plants names that lead us to expect "failure on... you name the subject."

Isn't there a trading floor that needs naming?

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