Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Got $500? Put a deposit on a Tango.

Production vehicles require investment in the tens of millions of dollars for engineering and tooling to allow reasonable part costs. Several investors with the capability of funding Commuter Cars to this level are showing serious interest, however, they need the assurance that there is a market for the vehicles at prices that are profitable. The only way to demonstrate this definitively is to have a large number of orders with deposits. Therefore, in order to show investors that there is a market, we're requesting that any of you who are interested in a production Tango, even if it's 2 or 3 years away, place an order now with a fully refundable deposit.
The main problem with cars is their emissions, CO2, particulate matter, this and that. But, close on is their total perversion of the spaces we live in.

The Tango is quite narrow and electric. So, it deals with one problem and nods to the next. The rest of us would be better off if you didn't have a car at all. But, if you must have one, don't you want the same one as George Clooney?

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