Thursday, July 10, 2008

Bogeyman Campaigning

[D]oes all this wrangling over Obama's shift to the center really matter to Democratic voters? Some who follow the minutiae of the daily campaign might care, but the LAT says that most Democrats are too focused on the bigger picture to give it much thought. "When I hear people complaining," one Democratic strategist explained, "I tell them I have one thing to say: 'President John McCain. Three Supreme Court appointments.' That's all I need to say."
Right. Ah... OK. Thank goodness the days of an unaccountable executive are coming to an end. No, but, seriously. Are Republicans the new Al Qaeda?


Beth said...

Well I get it but do you really think that what happens in an ugly campaign precludes accountability once in office?

Rionn Fears Malechem said...

It's not the campaign. We'll go from Bush saying, "Would you rather have Saddam back in power?" to Obama saying "Would you rather have Bush back in power?" I'd like to have policy discussions unobscured by bogeyman threats.