Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Mixed News On Platelet Donations

The link's to the gift cards page. Gift cards start at 20 ppd (that's "points per dollar," a regular single platelet donation is 100 points, or $5,) drop to 16 ppd at 2000 points, max out at 12.8 ppd at 3200 points for a $250 gift card. For 3200 points, incidentally, you could instead get a camera available at B&H for $176. However, it's $260 at Circuit City, a gift card provider.

So, you'll recall that the plan was to rack up 2600 points in platelet donations, then trade it in for a Nano. Now, I bought a Nano, but I can probably find something else. However! Other elements of the plan were called into question. Firstly, I found that the first donation couldn't be a triple.

First piece of news? They somehow extracted a double from me. Well, oops. That brought me to 500 points. One hundred for the donation, 50 for the double, one hundred for the Sunday and 250 for no discernable reason whatsoever. Now, they might be giving me the first four fifteenths of my 750 point four-donation-before-August bonus early. But, I suspect it's just arbitrary, especially as I can no longer find a reference to said bonus on their site.

Now, I was going to give last Sunday and this coming Sunday, to get the "week of July 4th" bonus twice. However! Despite the clearly stated rule that I can give platelets every three days, I'm not eligible to give again until July 14th, 16 days after my last donation. I don't know why this is, but there's probably a longer unpublished delay between triple donations. This, however, is a huge problem, as it means I can't get my 750 point bonus for four donations. I'll try to clarify the rules, and if need be just do a single next time.


Rionn Fears Malechem said...

I don't know if it's blogger, or some combination of blogger with Opera and Hardy Heron, but I lost a lot of links in that post.

Anonymous said...

Every first time donor gets 500 points, apparently, explaining why points are worth more the more you have of them.

Anonymous said...

(this also makes the "you must have 400 points to redeem any!' rule a little silly)