Monday, July 28, 2008

Follow Up on Bob Novak

So, of course, it turns out that Bob Novak has a brain tumor. This is what killed my Father, so it's not a good thing. To the extent that my best wishes for a speedy recovery matter to largely abstract talking heads, I'll send mine to Bob Novak.

Now, many liberal members of the intelligentsia are probably wishing they'd said less about this, so I'll be perfectly clear. Nothing about my blog post has changed. While Joshua Micah Marshall believed that "[I]f [i]t's true... Novak... didn't realize he'd hit anyone... it removes a great deal of the moral and potential criminal liability.... I don't get that... you don't notice when you plow into a guy and he rolls up on your windshield." So, now that that's been explained to him, he should be fine.

My point was that, in the eyes of law at least, there's very little liability to begin with.

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